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Founded in 1962, Etiteks Teknik successfully serves the textile industry with the knowledge and expertise of three generations in the field. The company collaborates with both domestic and international clients.

Etiteks Teknik takes great pride in offering varied products, high quality services and productive solutions. Over the last 40 years, its reliable services alongside its core-values have won the company a leading role in the industry.

Etiteks Teknik aims to reach new markets by maintaining its creative and dynamic attitude, and to raise the standarts across the textile industry by way of its enterprising approach.

As a supplier for the textile industry, by bringing together the best of production and services, Etiteks Teknik is steadily becoming an industry trend-setter.

Aiming to remain the leader of the industry, Etiteks aspires to become a globally renowned textile company by continuously developing competitive and efficient ways to create and market its products.